Meet Our LMTs

Jan Ordon, LMT

Jan has been practicing for over 23 years in the massage field.  She believes in continuing her education and feels it benefits every client in many ways. Jan enjoys customizing every massage to make it "therapeutic,” and watch as every person she’s worked on walk out with relief--- be it body, mind or soul.

Learning Cranial Sacral & Lymphatic massage, (a medical massage which includes myofascial release), stretching, positional release, strain/counter strain, and muscle energy technique have helped her to better understand chronic pain and injury problems and how to customize each persons complaint to help give relief. She also enjoy giving pregnancy massages for moms-to-be. 

Jan loves what she does and is grateful for being able to have an opportunity to practice massage therapy and help all who walk into my office. Working with her son Justin has also made all of her wishes come true. She lives by the motto: “Watch what you wish for,” because she’s never known it not to come true. 

Justin Ordon, LMT

Justin has over 20 years of experience in the massage field and has also studied Physical Therapy and Physical Fitness Technology in places right here in Western New York and also in Charlotte, N.C. His extensive background in athletics and conditioning, along with his education, have helped him to understand and develop an inside knowledge of the human body and its various functions. 

Justin’s currrent certifications include Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Strength Training Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. He continues to educate himself in these and other areas to help his clients with their treatments and send them on the road to better health and wellness. 

Massage therapy has many benefits for the individual, increasing self-awareness, clearing your mind, improving circulation, flushing metabolic waste and promoting relaxation to name just a few. Most importantly, it helps to identify the wearing effects of life's stresses on your body. Justin enjoys using and sharing his knowledge and abilities to help encourage your health. 


Erika DiBartolomeo has been practicing as a licensed massage therapist for over 15 years.  She received her associates degree in Applied Science at Trocaire College in 2004. Throughout her continued education she has been certified in the modalities of Swedish massage, deep tissue, Thai massage and traditional Chinese cupping therapy.  She is also a Reiki master dealing with a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. 


Sara has been practicing for 14 years, working closely for more than 10 of those years assisting a Chiropractic Doctor. Sara has experience in cupping, myofascial therapy, sport stretching, TMJ dysfunction and craniosacral therapy. 


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